Penjor characterizes the arrival of Hindu feasts, including Galungan, which means the celebration of the victory of dharma (virtues) over adharma (evil).
The height of the penjor represents Mount Agung, the holiest mountain on the island that provides protection and prosperity. The main element of the penjor, bamboo, symbolizes the god of creation, Brahma. Bamboo is an important ingredient in most Balinese ceremonies, and is thus linked to creation. The decorations are made of young coconut and plawa leaves, which symbolize the lush vegetation of earth. Other decorations include small cakes and coconut, all of which represent the bounty of nature. Though these are the main elements, some penjor are decorated with colorful fabric. It’s just a fashion statement, but it makes the penjor look better! At the base of the penjor is a small bamboo shrine where the Balinese place offerings.

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